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I had an interesting last 24 hours.  Yesterday, I got home from work after a ten minute bike ride. (It usually takes me 12 minutes). The sky was overcast so I debated whether or not to go to my church to caulk windows. I decided that the time of supper and weather would dictate my decision.  I also decided I was going to go on a 6 mile run late last night. About 5 o’clock, C and G came over and started the movie, “Facing the Giants”. It’s a good movie, but we were interrupted around 6:50 to eat our steaks and green beans, among other things.

When dinner was finished it really was too late to be going to church to work and there was still about an hour left of the movie. So I decided to stick around and go do windows tonight. The movie got done and we talked for a while, texting one of C’s friends from college. About 10 o’clock, I left to go on my run, my brother J having shown up and restarted the movie.

I ran 6 miles in 41 minutes and change. The first three miles were faster and I kinda dropped off in the middle, around 27th and Cornhusker. I thought about writing a screenplay or organizing a fun run, where the proceeds would go to a project at church or the Peoples City Mission or something along those lines.  As the run drew on, I began to picture the time on the stove back at home reading 11:38, forty minutes after I had left. I wanted to see it and pushed myself for speed.

This morning, I went out to bike to work to find its rear tire completely flat. It wasn’t what I’d hoped for, but J had been driving to work for weeks so I hitched a ride with him. I had made a lunch and brought my backpack full of my bible and my book. I read my bible for the ten minutes before I had to clock in and set my mind on being Godly throughout my workday.

An hour into work, I receive a text from C and instead of painting baseboards, I labor through a series of messages. It is good and has highlighted an otherwise monotonous day of scraping old paint off doorjams and repainting them. I write an outline of what happens next in my story during lunch and get back to work.

Now, my feet and legs hurt from running and standing to paint the 9ft tall doors but I will nevertheless go to church this evening to caulk the windows, not because I should, but because God has iven me the ability and knowledge to do that and serving Him in that way is what I’m called to.

At some point, I’ll finish my dialogue on maturity, but what’s left is only deductions that I’ve made in looking at the foundations of maturity I discussed in part 1. A site will go up as soon as I can figure it out with my book for some of you to read through. And a screenplay is not an unheard of thing for the future.

JA Menter

“Greatness is determined not by what power one wields but by what power one choses not to wield.”

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