So it begins!

*LotR: TT playing in background* “So it is before the hall of UNL the doom of my time will be decided!”

yep that’s right, I will spend and have spent almost every waking hour studying for the four tests and two papers I have to write this week. All this is in addition to the other obligations I have this week. Needless to say, I have only to survive Tuesday before I can perhaps finally have enough light to see the end of whatever this is that I’m in. But, for the sake of narative, let me chronicle what I must do this week.
First, the week starts on Sunday. Not a whole lot there, just church, which I get to do, and work in the servery for 4 hours. It wasn’t so bad, but I was quite bored out of my mind. The folks were doing stuff when I got home, so I joined them, having studied as much as I could for the test I had today.
Day 2, Monday: Go to my world history class, taking notes and trying to ignore the sound of the professor’s voice, which sounds like a bellow because she yells at an auditorium full of students instead of using a microphone. Next, I hang out in front of a student owned and operated coffee shop in the CBA building, reading my Bible and preparing for the Navigator bible study I lead. A quick glance at my notes from the past five weeks of Jewish History and I start my first test. I took 53 out of 50 minutes to complete my exam and I feel okay about it. It’s not going to get an A, I don’t think, because the time limit didn’t allow me to expound upon my points very well, but since I don’t know by what standard they will be graded, an essay that I think is only average for me may meet my professor’s expectations. Next, I biked home and ate before getting started on my coaching paper due tomorrow, reviewing my bible study preparation, and studying for one of my tests tomorrow. Lastly, of course, I bike back to campus to lead the Nav study.
Day 3, Tuesday: A date which will probably live in infamy, September 30th is when Ironman comes out on DVD. But I won’t be watching any movies Tuesday. My early class, food science, has an 85 question test planned (fun!?) then my coaching class has that paper I’ve been working on due. I possibly can take a break for lunch (or study) before my geography test at 2:00. I work as a floater ’til nine and will be much too exhausted and suffering from scrambled (or fried) brain.
Day 4, Wednesday: Nothing as yet is due wednesday, except that again I have another test on Friday whose studying has been put on hold because of everything else this week, and I have that other paper I need to read the material for still. The evening means Royal Rangers registration, which will be fun (In all seriousness), but perhaps will also tire me out.
Day 5, Thursday: normal class load except for the 2nd paper due and studying for world history test on friday. There is a chance some coaching asignment will try to sneak its way in there, as they seem to have the habit of doing. In the evening, worship practice happens, at which time would be a much needed renewal of strength.
Day 6, Friday: Essay test in world history which I’ve hopefully had a productive time studying for by then. Once I turn that blue book in to my TA, I could care less about what happens, because the guantlet of tests and assignments will be over. Halalujah! Jewish history lecture will be a nice change forom the tense moments of test taking, and I might enjoy it more than usual (if that’s even possible).
I would put in a word about God showing me something through this (which he has) and make this post just like my previous four, but I would only be repeating what I’ve already told most of you. The bottom line is I’m busy busy busy, but if I do find time I can take out to hang out with folks, I trust it will be refreshing and worth it for all.

JA Menter
Now back to studying! :p

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  1. bekahcubed says:

    Wow! Sounds like a week of epic proportions. I’m praying you’ll get through it well.

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