Riddles and Things

Apparently, I can write a screenplay that will make everyone think, but I believe I’ll just give everyone a sample set of word oddities.


“Virtues cave!  Slaves crave and knaves brave.”


Many things foreseen yet doesn’t see

Ageless and timeless though it be.

Experiences and knowledge together

Shows itself in colors of salt and pepper

A guardian of the heart and hand,

Wisdom preserves us to the sand.



As a young man journeys the paths of life,

He sees but a poor reflection, like looking into silver.

Many obstacles lay before him and decisions to win.

He has a chance to do something great,

But knows only his sovereign could really achieve it.

The passion is so connected to the man that he wouldn’t relent.


Again, this is just a free sample.  I have some more stuff but there is a price on it. If anyone is interested, just holler. <-~_~->


JA Menter


“I can’t truly be myself until I am truly selfless.”



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3 Responses to Riddles and Things

  1. flippedinsideout says:

    Consider yourself commented. :-p
    There really isn’t anything to say on this one, ya know? Unless you wanted us to answer the riddle or something.

    Anyway, have a great day (IT’S FRIDAY!!!)

  2. Joshua says:

    Of these three passages, only one is a riddle. One is a poem and the other is a summary. I’ll leave the distinction to you guys.

  3. flippedinsideout says:

    notice how I said “THE riddle” singular. Not riddles. I am actually keen enough to know that there was only one. Believe it or not.
    But minor detail.

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