Hide and Seek

106…107…108! Ready or not, here I come!  Gotcha!

And what is the significance of 108, you may ask?  There are 107 days between May 9th and August 25th, the period of time for a college student that is considered “summer”.  I’ve played “hide and seek” many times in my life, but this time, I feel like the counter was counting by 54’s, and I’ve had only enough time to take three half-hearted steps before I hear the famous words, “Ready of not, here I come.” At times, the counter seemed to be taking a break between each individual number between 1-108 to take a three month tour of Europe or something, yet now the numbers pile up and ring in the air clattering to indistinction.

So what did I do with day 106, one might ask?  I spent it sleeping in til 8 (even on a Saturday) and biking to campus to get books. I compared prices at the two bookstores and finally found what I needed for $350, an amount I would usually have winced as I charged it to my Ncard, but this time I wrote out a check. Lunchtime crept upon me quickly and I discarded my heavy books at the Rec center and ate an overpriced meal at Amigos.

After watching about an hour of high school football on ESPN, I bought a ticket to “The Dark Knight” and took in the movie my friends and family had raved so much about. It was good, but not as good as they said for reasons they won’t understand. (If you what to try, just email me:)) I biked home unable to see the left side of faces of the people I met along the way. I think it had something to do with the lingering effects of a mild concussion I may or may not have suffered at the hands of evil cabinet doors at work the day before. Home brought a headache that throbbed in the front of my head and wouldn’t go away. I slept, or tried to sleep until my siblings got home at 9.

Today (day 107) I woke at 7 to do my morning routine and, about 7:50, went on a walk to talk to God and think. It was refreshing and church later continued the renewal. It’s amazing what God does when we listen to His voice and obey.

Day 108 is coming quickly and whether I’m ready of not, school is about to begin. Pray for me that the transition would be smooth and that I would be able to find a time to rest. Pray especially that I would continue to press in to God and follow His lead as He matures me into the image of His son in this new season of my life.

JA Menter

“In order to lift high the One who is above all things (Phil 2:9-11), I must bow down that He might become bigger in my estimation.”

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