I’m Back

Two weeks ago today, I was innocently doing my online homework, when out of the blue, my screen went gray.  The screen was frozen so I restarted my computer, only to discover that windows wouldn’t load up and the only thing I could get to was a black screen.  Amid diagnostic tests, I found out what the problem was (with the help of my computer savy brother Daniel, of course).  My hard drive was fried, a very expensive paperweight, a hunk of silicon and other metals with no viable purpose whatsoever.  I took my laptop to Best Buy where I got it nine months ago and, after about an hour of trying to prove that I did indeed buy it when I did (moral of the story, never throw receipts from large, expensive purchases away), I left it there to be fixed, resigning myself to the fact that the most recent stuff I’d done on my 380 page book was probably gone forever.

Enter prayer and the amazing folks at Geek Squad.   I got a CD with my book on it that they were able to get off the harddrive. Yet today, at 10am, two weeks to the hour after I had seemingly lost everything, the friendly automated caller from Geek Squad informed me that my computer was ready to be picked up. I walked. I signed. I came back.

So having spent the first half of March without a computer and not blogging since the third Sunday of February, I have “come back to you now, at the turn of the tide.”