My Pledge

Welcome to my blog.  I hope you will enjoy the content and post comments as they come to you.  My name is Joshua Menter and I am a young single man who is a thinker.  Most posts, as a rule, were thought about for no less than three days, though some were the result of years of careful study and others with the rarest of frequency were a spur of the moment ordeal.  I don’t like blogging about mundane, everyday things, unless I have found they have taught me a deeper truth.  As such, you will rarely see a post without a theme important to me.  I don’t believe that trivial or haphazard discussion is a wise use of this resource and try to keep that to a minimum.  As one who loves the use of written language and has embarked upon a task of writing a series of novels, I have and will continue to post poems and interesting excerpts from my writings.  I hope you find the content as pleasing and thought-provoking as I do. It is my humble prayer that my words cause you to think about the concepts I draw attention to.  I hope that you never go away from reading this blog and think, “that was a waste of my time.”

Thank you for visiting Thoughts and Reflections and I hope you stop by again

Joshua Menter, Author

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