Lyrical Turns

Clever tales concealed in the shrouds of misconception.  Tiny puddles of truth in the midst of a lake of lies.  People lost in a crowd on a path they’ve chosen to a destination they don’t believe in.  Souls rot from a lack of purpose and the one thing they need is the first thing they reject.

The intellectuals talk circles around themselves, explaining away flaws with flawed reasoning.  It takes more faith to reject than to submit.  In Him we live and move and have our being.  Are we so close to absolute zero that we’ve stopped living?  An eternity-sized hole in a morbid existence begs the question.  Are we made for more than this?

Surely He has put eternity in our hearts, but we rejected Him.  The Light of Life left us and we died.  Lifeless corpses walking around, refusing to admit they are dead.  Darkness descends, purpose is lost and despair takes hold.

There is beauty in the broken, redemption for the fallen, and life in knowing your Creator.  Do not be afraid; the Judge you fear loves you unconditionally.  Shaky knees after running are primed for surrender.  Stop running from pain and race toward the perfect Healer.  Cease striving and know that God is God.