Promise to His Betrothed

Back in December, I published a poem entitled “The Glory of My Sovereign”.  In subsequent comments, I told of possibly a sequel or two.   I since have posted the first one, entitled “The Bride Responds”.  I had a third conceptually in my head but struggled with words to put it on paper.  It seems to be a epidemic with me these days (struggling with words, that is).  Now, a month and a half later, these words come spilling out of me like a river that’s been dammed up for too long.  Though other words perhaps fail me, I trust these won’t.  It’s entitled “Promise to His Betrothed”, hence the title of the post. :)



Come to Me and I will embrace you

My embrace heals; it breaks bondage

The truth of My love clears away the lies

My love buys back; it can not fail

Come to Me and I will mold you


I will make you again the jewel of My crown

I will restore the destruction your old life caused

I too have a great and awesome plan

You will be a weapon in My mighty hand

In you I will work a still Greater Humiliation


As the bought one reflects her purchaser

Like a perfect mirror reflects My face

The life I laid down will be the life you’ll live

Because I still live, though I died

You also will live the new life I give


 Written 1/25/09 by JA Menter


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3 Responses to Promise to His Betrothed

  1. bekahcubed says:

    I was wondering when you’d be back!

    What a great and awesome promise–to be joined to Christ, identified with Him in both His suffering and (eventually) in His glorification.

  2. mang2 says:

    “The life I laid down will be the life you’ll live” I like that! But…… now that I think about it, it’s kind of unclear….. never mind, got it! He laid down His perfect life so that we could take it and live it.

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