Hide in the Rock

I don’t know why I’ve waited so long to write this, but this is a word picture I got after church last Sunday and I thought I’d share it with you all.

(Isa 2:10-21)

I looked and saw a rock growing out of the earth.  It grew and matured in appearance to the form of a cross, glowing with radiant light.  I knew the light I saw was the glory and majesty of God.  Then a voice cried, “Broken witness, come to the Rock; Hide in the Rock.”   Then a man that looked like me but was blurry like from a dream came to the cross and hid behind it.  The glow grew brighter still and the rock expanded further, almost as if it were being lifted up.  The man stepped through the cross and became like the rock, both in appeareance and in the glow of Its glorious majesty.  So I looked and the figure that was me reflected the rock.

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One Response to Hide in the Rock

  1. Mom says:

    Hidden in the rock, the witness is no longer broken! Halleluia!

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