Weeks of Days

Have you ever had an entire week feel like a single day over and over again. I just had two of them. It doesn’t follow that the past two weeks have been bad or that that phenomenon is bad. It really depends on the outlook and which day is seemingly being repeated day after day.

Two weeks ago starting on Friday, it felt like I was reliving Mondays all week. Each day held the same dragged out feeling and the knowledge that the next day was going to be just more of the same. I spent more time with a paint roller in my hand than I did sleeping and although I enjoy my job, 40 hours of the same thing everyday with no end in sight was a bit depressing. I came home drained and really undesirous to do anything, yet I was restless from 8 hours of an overactive mind. It all ended last Saturday as the relived day became a Friday.

Friday, as I’ve stated in previous topics, is undoubtedly the most anticipated day of the workweek because it means that it’s almost over and a weekend of enjoyment is near at hand. Saturday is weekend, of course, but I was fairly busy, first walking with my Mom and discussing personal business with her, then running co-axail cable at church with T.  The drive home felt like I was coming home from Burr/Fedde/Love and what greeted me was the weekend.

All of my siblings were downstairs watching “The Incredibles”. They were halfway through so I joined them. This was a foretaste of what the entire week has been like. I’ve watched a movie every evening except for Wednesday, when I caulked windows at church before going to the after youth party at ABC’s. Each day, though incredibly like the last, was unique in the way things happened. I would have to say that I prefer reliving Fridays to reliving Mondays.I just hope that this doesn’t become one of those weird cycles of life.


JA Menter

“Greatness is determined not by what power one wields but rather by what power one choses not to wield.”

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3 Responses to Weeks of Days

  1. flippedinsideout says:

    yes, Fridays are much more fun to relive…. unless it’s a Friday like today.
    I agree, our activities this week have been very much the same. Movies every night, and not a lot of action. I miss walking with Cheryl.

    It is true tho that every night I’ve thought “It feels like it should be Friday.”

    Next week will be very different though. In a good way.

    Happy real Friday.

  2. Rebekah says:

    Hope your next week will be a little less monotonous–What are you going to do with the kids and the folks all gone?

  3. Joshua says:

    I wasn’t saying that this last week was monotonous. The week of Mondays was, but not last week. I haven’t really decided what I’m going to do with myself. I’ll probably start work on the santuary on Monday or even Sunday night, depending on how things go, and try to play a boardgame by myself. It’s really only til Wednesday, so I don’t have a whole lot of time to fill. It might be good just to sleep too.

    JA Menter

    “Attitude reflects maturity and humility is its foundation.”

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