Apparently, I’m supposed to come up with 6 things that my readership might not know about me. This is hard since my readership knows me pretty well, but I’ll give it a shot. Some of these things will be false and to add a twist, you guys can guess which one is not true.

1.  I have gone on a long run at 2am

2.  I walked to the library this evening. (8:30pm Oct 12)

3.  I ran home in my street clothes with sandals carrying my cell phone in 16 minutes and change (2.5 miles)

4. I bike on average 65.25 miles every week.

5. This year is the first year since the Fellowship of the Ring premiered that I haven’t read all of Tolkien’s works annually.

6. I have read over 200 books on history.

JA Menter

“Writing with a broken pencil is pointless.”

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2 Responses to Meme

  1. bekahcubed says:

    That’s a really hard one. 1, 4, 5, and 6 seem authentic to me. I was thinking “you’re crazy if you walked to the library tonight at 8:30 (after it’s closed).” Then I thought, “but you could have been walking by it on your way home from work” My final conclusion is that 3 is probably false. You were on your way home from work, so you couldn’t (or at least shouldn’t) have been wearing sandals.

    Am I right? Am I right?

  2. Joshua says:

    You see, I would tell you but then what would be the fun in that. Only one person has ventured a guess so far.

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