Good, Bad, and the Ugly

After I wrote “Not Alright”, I had a decent fall break.  I passed out flyers that Saturday with the Ranger boys and listened to the ISU game.  God was gracious and allowed me to play football with my siblings and neighbor friends.  It was pretty refreshing because, as I mentioned, I hadn’t played it in a really long time.  Sunday was full of fun activities that included my cousins and no work. :P  Monday, I ran to the bike store and didn’t buy what I wanted because they didn’t have it.  I put a piece of plastic in my tire and biked to Lincoln East high school to observe a football practice for coaching class.  Then, in a weird change of events, had my evening plans postponed so I could just relax and do nothing.

Tuesday, I worked and it wasn’t like the tuesday’s of weeks past, because work wasn’t preluded by classes all morning.  The fine details of the week back in school are largely lost to my memory, though I’ll probably remember them long after the time for this post has come and gone.  I spoke (typed) too soon.  Wednesday was that cold rainy day that I had to bike to campus in the pouring rain and ended up soaking in my cold, damp clothes all morning. (No wonder I wanted to forget that day) :)  Thursday, I met with Renae and chatted about a lot of things, mostly the book.  It was good and maybe someday, Renae, I ‘ll be able to talk about some things in less vague terms.

Friday, I only had one class and biked back to the bike store to finally get what I originally needed from there.  I wrote another page and a half of my story that afternoon, a much needed sign of progress in a activity that was a cause for much discouragement.  As if God hadn’t blessed me enough, work on Saturday was over quickly and we again played football after a Nebraska win. 

Narration from here on is quite redundant in many ways and much that I would disclose would be in respect to my interactions with my readership.  I will say though that my time with God has been incredibly good this week and hopefully will be the subject of another time in the next week or so. The reason for the delay…

Next week, all of my classes have tests scheduled.  Now that I only have four classes, the work load of studying is somewhat less than before, but it draws my attention to the endlessness of my college career.  My next semester of classes, though light in terms of credit hours, will take a toll on my church life in particular.  Two of my classes in the spring are scheduled only during the hours that weekday meetings happen at church.  I will most likely have to take time off from the worship team as well as Royal Rangers.  Granted, the age group that I teach in Rangers is probably the best prepared for this type of issue (Jason also teaches it) since I’ve been helping out with Rangers, it is still a hard thing to give up.  I’ve always disliked classes in the afternoon, but when they detract me from evening activities I’ve been a part of for as long as I have, it becomes tough.  I wish I could split myself into three people, so I could do all of it at once.  It would probably just mean I would get three times as tired by the end of the day.

JA Menter

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